In Other Words: A Journey through Translation, Interpretation, and Meaning


Kayyali, Mustafa, Ph.D.


Mustafa Kayyali, Ph.D., is an ardent advocate for excellence in higher education, driven by a relentless pursuit of quality, recognition, and innovation. As the Manager of HE Higher Education Ranking, he leads initiatives that play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of academia. Having earned a Master's in Quality Management and Evaluation in Higher Education from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, followed by a Ph.D. in Quality Management from Azteca University, his academic pursuits have laid a strong foundation for his expertise in Accreditation, Quality Assurance, and Higher Education Rankings. Dr. Kayyali has made significant contributions to academic literature, boasting more than 30 published papers and 10 book chapters. Additionally, he takes pride in his role as a translator, having translated five books, thus bridging language gaps and promoting knowledge exchange on a global scale. In recognition of his expertise, Dr. Kayyali serves on the British Accreditation Council’s Accreditation Committee, the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency as an International Expert, and the Agency for Control and Quality Assurance of Higher Education AKOKVO as an Accreditation Expert. His international engagements also include being an expert for the Kosovo Accreditation Agency KAA and the ECBE - European Council for Business Education, as well as serving as a Lead Auditor at the Centre of Assessments for Excellence (COAE). Dr. Kayyali has also submitted a patent to USPTO about rankings entitled Holistic & Multidimensional Ranking Methodology for Universities. As an entrepreneur, researcher, translator, and publisher, Dr. Kayyali is deeply involved in various facets of the academic world. His diverse interests encompass management, translation, interpretation, and academic consulting, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of the education industry.

In the labyrinth of human experience, language stands as both a monument to our ingenuity and a barrier to our understanding. It is the medium through which we convey not just thoughts and ideas but the very essence of our cultures, emotions, and identities. Yet, in its complexity lies a challenge—a challenge that has persisted through the ages, morphing with the times but never diminishing in significance. This challenge is translation: the art and science of carrying meaning from one language into another, of finding equivalence where none seems to exist, and of bridging the vast chasms that separate human experiences. In Other Words: A Journey through Translation, Interpretation, and Meaning is an exploration of this intricate process, a deep dive into the heart of how we understand and misunderstand each other across the linguistic divides that define us.

Language and Literature, Education, Humanities, Social Science, Translation, Cultural Studies, Philosophy
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April 1, 2024
9781680533095 Hardcover
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