Kwame Nkrumah: Vision and Tragedy


Rooney, David


Cambridge scholar and specialist on Ghana. Author of the standard biography of Sir Charles Noble Arden Clarke.

This monograph is a major work of historical biography devoted to the leader of Ghana’s independence movement and the major black African leader of the 50s-70s in terms of global impact and effectiveness.

“…This book presents new material and new analysis, which helps clarify aspects of the record, while advancing new perspectives. What comes across clearly throughout the book is the significant contribution of Nkrumah’s vision and personality at a critical moment of the history of Africa and the Third World. He, perhaps more than any other, was able to identify, focus and catalyse the major factors and players driving the struggle for political independence in Ghana and the liberation of other parts of Africa. In the process, he committed his life and work totally to a wide variety of activities and processes in Ghana, the continent and in the global Non-Aligned Movement.” Apilagpa Sawyer, Association of African Universities, March 2007

“This is an objective study which should be read by all concerned with post colonial Africa.” Conor Cruise O’Brien

Rooney’s study feels a great research need: Nkrumah has very wide name recognition and fame but this is accompanied by, paradoxically , a sketchy, often oversimplified knowledge about the events and processes of his life. This study adds valuable insights to Nkrumah’s life in and relations with America as well as his interest and involvement with socialism and Marxism.

African history, Contemporary Black Africa, African Studies, West Africa,20thC
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