Service Learning: An Agent for Social Change


Payne-Jackson, Arvilla: editor and contributor


Ph.D, Coordinator for Anthropology, Howard University, Washington, DC

Service Learning: An Agent for Social Change discusses personal, social, academic, and career-related impact of service-learning as an instructional method is well documented. This book contributes to the literature by providing access to examples of the service-learning process; the nuances of its implementation; and qualitative evaluation of what works, from the students' perspective. It can serve as a resource for educators, advocacy groups, community organizers, and other students interested in engaging in social action. The work reports on the process and outcomes of service-learning projects implemented in a higher education setting on topics of domestic violence and youth violence; provides an alternative service-learning approach for non-traditional college settings; and discusses new directions in service-learning project development including web-based and grade school programming and asset-based community development.

Dr.Payne-Jackson has been involved in service-learning for over 15 years. Projects she has worked on with her students have included photo-journaling graffiti at Lorton Prison, re-entry of ex-offenders, gun violence, youth violence, and domestic violence among others. Ms. Kathy Scott and Dr. Ajeenah Haynes were central to the success of the service-learning projects described in the book. Dr. Haynes has since implemented the service-learning method in various settings and has developed alternative approaches. Dr. Germon Miller specializes in working with youth and youth gangs and was a consultant/participant in our service-learning projects. All three contribute to Dr Payne-Jackson’s unique study.

Education, Service-Learning in higher education settings, re entry of ex-offenders, gun violence, youth violence, alternative approaches to youth gangs, Lorton prison(DC), minority education in detention and prison settings, urban education, advocacy, community organizing, Afro-American education
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June 4th, 2015
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