War and Peace in Africa: Philosophy, Theology and the Politics of Confrontation


Lutz, David W. ,Ph.D (Holy Cross College (USA) and The Catholic University of Eastern Africa) with Paul M. Shimiyu, George Ndemo Osengo and Opiyo A Oguta


Editors are senior scholars and PhDs and conributors are Ph.Ds and MAs in East African /Central Africain Institutions.

This work is a major investigation of the questions of war and peace in Black Africa by Africans with an emphasis on the philosophical, theological and political underpinnings of contemporary African thought and practice. The voices are overwhelming African and the locus of contributors includes Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi. Some of the contributors, as well as the editors, have experienced war first hand and have played honorable roles in rebuilding or re-energizing intellectual communities in Africa that have been affected by atrocities, destruction and inter-tribal hatreds. Contained in this work are force arguments and discussions regarding what has happened since de-colonization and what are the possibilities for waging peace not war or violent confrontation.


* Patrick Ujwiga Anguru, “Scientific and Technological Progress for Development with Integrity”

* Ernest Beyaraza, “War in Theory and Practice: The African Experience”

* Antonie L. Chigeda, Misia M. M. Kadenyi & Jane Onsongo, “Reflections on Just War Theory and Pre-Emptive War Theory in an Age of Terrorism and Violence”

* Lazarus Nolasco Kubasu & Christopher Oyoo Yaye, “The Role of Philosophy in Conflict Management: Bernard Lonergan’s Perspective”

* Robert Mudida, “The Philosophy of Non-Violence and its Application in the Management of Kenya’s Constitutional Conflicts”

* Rose Mugiira, “Common Property Resources as a Source of Conflict and Warfare in Africa”

* Adrian R. Mwesigye, “An Involvement of African Traditional Means of Reconciliation to Improve Conflict Resolution in Africa: A Case of Mato Oput in Acholiland”

* Saidah Mbooge Najjuma, “Ideas, Thoughts and Dialogue in Understanding and Facilitating Peace in Africa: Mapping out Alternatives to War-Led Experiences”

* David J. Ndegwah, “There Can Be No Peace without Justice: An African Approach”

* Joseph M. Nyasani, “The Relationship between Peace and Justice”

* Opiyo A. Ogutu, “Great Power without Insight: The Illusion of Scientific and Technological Advancement in Terms of Human Thinking, Values and Practices”

* J. Ododa Opiyo, “Mapping the Insecurity Architecture in the Horn of Africa”

* Pius Male Ssentumbwe, “Human Dignity, Foundation for Peace”

* Pedro Miguel Valinho Gomes, “The Gift of Forgiveness: From the Abyss to the Hymn”

African Studies, War and Africa, Moral Philosophy, Peace Studies [Africa], Terrorism and Violence in Civil Societies, Peace and Reconciliation, Theology (Catholic), Development Studies, East Africa, Justice and Community Studies, De-colonization and its aftermath
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February 15th,2013
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