American Spirit or Great Awokening?: The Battle to Restore or Destroy Our Nation


Abramson, Bruce D.


Bruce D. Abramson is Executive Director of New Student and Graduate Admissions at New College of Florida. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University, a J.D. from Georgetown University, and has served on the faculty of the University of Southern California and as a research adjunct at Carnegie Mellon University. He has spent decades as an independent troubleshooter, problem solver, economic analyst, and strategic consultant; published widely in the scholarly literature of computing, management, and law; and written over 250 columns on politics and public policy. His previous books have addressed technology policy, innovation law, Middle East politics, political philosophy, and the corruption of higher education.

America is suffering from a deep spiritual crisis. The national polarization that so many miscast as political is really a conflict between two spiritual solutions pointing in drastically different directions. One is Wokeism, a new religion that speaks most clearly to America’s spiritually starved young, urban, credentialed, professional elites. Its unique takes on race, gender, climate, virology, and misinformation provide adherents with an understanding of persistent unfairness and inequality, pervasive evil, the true self, the end of days, the source of ritual, and the dangers of blasphemy—effectively filling core spiritual needs without ever conceding that such needs exist. The Woke, who deny that theirs is a faith, are rapidly turning Wokeism into the established religion of the United States. The other solution is the American Spirit, a reconnection with our nation’s spiritual roots and the traditional faiths that fueled them. For far too long, we have denied the existence of such a spirit, seen it as a source of shame, buried it, or recast it as an embarrassing artifact of an older time. The way forward thus requires us to face a harsh reality: we are mired in a deep spiritual crisis, the new religion of Wokeism is ascendant, and only a revival of America’s founding spirit can preserve the American nation and save the Republic.

Social Science, Political Science, Current Affairs, Philosophy, American Studies, Education, Higher Education, Culture Wars, Cancel Culture, Political Correctness, Wokeism, Traditionalism
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February 15, 2024
9781680533385 Hardcover
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