A Philosophy of War


Hude, Henri-Paul


Henri-Paul Hude has had a distinguished career as a professor of philosophy, after receiving his doctorate from the Sorbonne in Paris. Until his recent retirement, he was Head of the Department of Ethics and Law at France’s prestigious Saint-Cyr Military Academy. His expertise has taken him to Russia, South Korea, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and the United States, where he was senior research fellow at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Dr. Hude cofounded EUROISME (the International Society of Military Ethics in Europe). The author of 16 books, he devotes his time to research, writing, and the demands of his grandchildren (ten and counting).

What is war today? To answer this question, we can no longer rely on notions of war elaborated in various classic works, because we are faced with a new problem—how to save humankind from annihilation in a total world war involving weapons of mass destruction. The simplest answer is to establish a “Leviathan,” whose promise and project is straight forward: cancel all powers except one, which will be universal and absolute, and start a war without end against all free powers and all liberties. This way eventually you will get peace forever. But can Leviathan actually deliver on this promise? And peace at what cost, because Leviathan demands absolute and unlimited power over the entire human race? It is this problem that Philosophy of War lays out in all its chilling detail. Is there another solution that can bring political and cultural peace to the world? Indeed, there is, and this book next details a very clear path, one that also ensures that we do not become enslaved by Leviathan. Nations, and their “wisdoms” (that is, “religions”) can unite as peace becomes possible. If you love liberty and desire peace, then this book is for you.

Political Science, International Relations, War Studies, Peace Studies, Conflict Studies
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December 29, 2023
9781680535525 Hardcover
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