Enemies of the Innocent: Life, Truth, and Meaning in a Dark Age


Haug, Nils A.


Nils A. Haug is a trial lawyer by profession. He is a member of the International Bar Association, the Academy of Philosophy and Letters, the National Association of Scholars, and a faculty member of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Retired from law to focus on writing and teaching, his particular field of interest is the intersection of Western culture with political theory, philosophy, theology, English Literature, ethics, and law. Dr. Haug’s degrees include an M.A. (cum laude) in Biblical Studies and a Ph.D. in Theology (Apologetics). He is the author of Politics, Law, and Disorder in the Garden of Eden – the Quest for Identity (2023) and Enemies of the Innocent – Life, Truth, and Meaning in a Dark Age (2023). His book, Towards the Eternal City – Ancient Jewish Views of Prophecy, will be released in 2024.

“A critical insight into malignant ideals devastating Western civilization”
- Peter Titlestad, Professor Emeritus of English Literature, University of Pretoria

“A perturbing but necessary exploration of primary human values struggling for survival”
- Henk Stoker, Professor of Apologetics & Ethics, North-West University

“The harmful effects of complex ideological forces threatening the legal and ethical order of society are revealed in this compelling study”
- Hilton Staniland, Professor of Law, Queen Mary University

The real “enemies of the innocent” – the vulnerable in society – are the visionaries: those intellectuals, idealists, philosophers, and social engineers who aim to destroy traditional values under the guise of an ideological social justice theory. Nils Haug’s penetrating new book explores these critical challenges to our society with its established way of life. Long-standing political, legal, and cultural arrangements, with the essential freedoms inherent in the democratic political order, are under lethal threat. Yet, the core conflict is between Judeo-Christianity and heretical secular humanist, new age, neo-pagan ideologies, with focus on the deep issues of truth, personal identity, meaning, and purpose of life. These heresies are not new, originating in ancient times, but arising again to cause much discord in our culture.

Political Science, Social Science, Religion, Humanism, Sociology, Politics, Critical Theory, Christianity, Judaism, Contemporary Culture
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November 8, 2023
9781680535419 Hardcover
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