“Nobody Has Complained,” Or Are You Just Not Listening? 28 Ways To Be Better In Business


Heitzman, Chris


Chris Heitzman is a senior lawyer and has been a Partner in two national UK law firms. What does a lawyer know about entrepreneurship? Chris is certainly not just another lawyer in the sense of being the man in the corner who tops and tails the precedent paperwork when the entrepreneurs in the room have done the real work. He was made a Partner at the age of just 34. He has founded and led teams, had front-line responsibility for sales, and managed major client relationships. He was assessed by an international firm as having ‘no business development needs’ in his early thirties. Soon after another firm said he was better at sales than its sales director. He has seen business from the perspective of running law firms, and from advising and working closely with a range of businesses from small entrepreneur-led start-ups to Boards of major public companies. He is also the author of the polemic 2021 Academica Press release, The Coming Woke Catastrophe, which examined woke culture and sought to guide the West through the turbulent waters of the irrational ideology. Chris is a proven thought-leader, and now applies his entrepreneurial vision and knack for speaking out to give new insight and help to anyone interested in business in 2024 and beyond. The examples in the book are loosely taken from the author’s experience, from the business news pages, and some are fictional. They are dramatized for the sake of storytelling and illustration.

Chris Heitzman’s innovative book looks beyond the first principles of business and considers ways you may not have thought of to build on the basics to elevate your performance from merely good to the next level. It will be an essential guide for start-ups, seasoned business leaders, and employees looking to be better at business.

Business, Social Science, Education, Economics, Science
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April 15, 2024
9781680533279 Hardcover
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