Finding Arcadia: Wisdom, Truth, and Love in the Classics


Krause, Paul


Paul Krause is the editor-in-chief of VoegelinView. He was educated at Baldwin Wallace University, Yale Divinity School, and the University of Buckingham, where he studied with Sir Roger Scruton. His writings on the arts, classics, literature, politics, philosophy, and religion have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and journals. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love and contributed to The College Lecture Today and Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters.

“Paul Krause has written a beautiful and accessible commentary on the Greeks, Romans, and Saint Augustine, illuminating the wisdom of the ancients for a contemporary audience. Rather than engaging in an anachronistic reading of these works, Krause uncover the enduring truths that these authors offer us today.”
– Lee Trepanier, Samford University

“Paul Krause is a wonderful communicator who encourages readers to lovingly appreciate the classics of Western literature regardless of the modern criticism leveled at such an endeavor. As Augustine told us to take up and read, Krause does the same by making this process an exercise in timelessness. This book is highly recommended to anyone seeking a deeper grasp of the enduring wisdom and rich texture of these seminal works of Western civilization.”
– Scott Meyer, George W. Truett Theological Seminary

“Paul Krause rightly notes that his book is intended to defend the classics against their increasingly ungrateful critics, but its real joy is in revisiting so many timeless works through his lens of love, which speaks to all of us.”
– Erich Prince, Editor of Merion West

“Paul Krause is a trustworthy guide to the enduring wisdom of the classics. His book orients readers to an ancient conversation about what it means to be human, the nature of the good life, and the shape of healthy human society. This is the ballast that can steady us as we engage in contemporary debates about these same questions”
– Jeffrey Bilbro, Grove City College

The classics used to be the seminal texts of Western civilization and education. From Homer down through the Greek poets and philosophers, including the Roman poets and early Christian writers, the classics were indispensable in shaping the hearts, minds, and souls of Westerners toward the Good, True, and Beautiful. Today, however, the classics are under attack as nothing but a relic of racism, misogyny, and sexism that have no place in the modern world. Far from irrelevant, the classics are deeply pertinent to the struggles of modern society and the human soul. In this collection of essays, Paul Krause offers a guided tour through the classics and highlights the wisdom, truth, and beauty that these great works embody. Recovering the hermeneutic of love, rather than promoting the politicization of literature, is needed in restoring the great works of Western literature to their important place in Western culture. From Homer and Aeschylus to Herodotus and Plato, from Virgil and Catullus to Ovid and Saint Augustine, Finding Arcadia reveals the wisdom that our ancestors gained from the books rightfully called the classics.

Literature, Classics, Philosophy, Education, Social Science, Critical Studies
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January 15, 2023
9781680537147 Hardcover
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