Politics, Law, and Disorder in the Garden of Eden: The Quest for Identity


Haug, N. A.


Nils A. Haug is a trial lawyer by profession and member of the International Bar Association, the National Association of Scholars, and a faculty member of Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Retired from law to focus on writing and teaching, his particular field of interest is the intersection of Western culture with political theory, philosophy, theology, English literature, ethics, and law. Dr. Haug holds various degrees including an M.A.(cum laude) in Biblical Studies and Ph.D. in Theology (Apologetics).

This is the first major work to present a political, legal, theological, philosophical, and missiological view - validated by ancient Jewish Rabbinical hermeneutical strategies - of the current maelstrom affecting Western society. The author employs a conservative Judeo-Christian and political standpoint in evaluating the challenge to accepted values, morals, and precepts underpinning Western civilization. The dramatic story of the primordial origins of Identity ideologies and their devastating effect, many centuries later, upon contemporary culture is revealed. Coercive Identity Politics have revolutionized the established political and legal arrangement and the essential freedoms inherent in the West’s classical liberal democratic political order. The existential contest between the Judeo-Christian faith and secular humanist, new age neo-pagan ideologies, is a struggle for identity - a struggle for the very soul of humanity. This conflict originated at the time of creation, in the Garden of Eden, to be resolved only in the eschatological age. In the interim, society reels from the onslaught on its traditional way of life. Yet there is hope, as this Book explains.

Literature, Classics, Education, Social Science, Philosophy, Law, Political Science, Religion, Western Literature, European Literature, Medieval Literature, Cultural Studies, Identity Studies, Women's Studies, Missiology
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March 1, 2023
9781680537178 Hardcover
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