Falsely Accused of Islamophobia: My Struggle Against Academic Cancellation (Revised and Expanded Paperback Edition)


Greer, Steven


Steven Greer is Research Director at the Oxford Institute for British Islam, Professor Emeritus at the University of Bristol Law School, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, all in the UK. He studied Law at the University of Oxford, Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and holds a Ph.D. in Law from the Queen’s University of Belfast. In a career spanning nearly 40 years he has taught and delivered numerous papers throughout the UK and abroad, including in China and at Harvard Law School. He has also published widely, particularly in the fields of criminal justice, human rights, and law and terrorism. Two of his books were shortlisted for prestigious prizes. He has also acted as consultant/advisor to various organizations, including Muslim and Arab ones, written for the Guardian, the Times of London, the Irish Times, and the Belfast Telegraph, and appeared internationally on numerous radio and television stations.

“In this excellent book, Steven Greer documents and discusses the wider implications of his struggle against shockingly un-Islamic vilification by the University of Bristol Islamic Society and the University’s shameful ‘Islamophobia-phobic’ response. It deserves a wide readership, particularly amongst Muslims.”
- Taj Hargey, Provost, Oxford Institute for British Islam

“Professor Greer’s horrifying ordeal is yet another salutary reminder of the fragility of academic freedom in the contemporary UK. His account of his own case, together with authoritative reflections on the rise of cancel culture and its implications in academia, sound an alarm bell which nobody who cares about the maintenance of liberal democratic societies should ignore.”
- Karolien Celie, Legal Officer, The Free Speech Union

In 2020, Steven Greer, an internationally-renowned human rights scholar, was falsely and publicly accused of Islamophobia by the University of Bristol Islamic Society (BRISOC). In July 2021, he was officially exonerated without equivocation or reservation from all of BRISOC’s allegations. Nevertheless, the University of Bristol, cancelled the Islam, China and the Far East module of his human rights course just as BRISOC demanded. In an almost unbelievable twist of fate, in January 2022 Professor Greer was appointed the first Visiting Research Fellow, and later Research Director, at the Oxford Institute for British Islam, a newly established progressive Muslim think tank and research academy. In this book, Greer documents his struggle to avoid physical harm, resist dismissal, salvage his reputation and career, maintain his livelihood, regain the trust and respect of his colleagues, and counter betrayal by the very institutions he had every right to expect would leap to his defense. His inspirational story will encourage many others to take a similar stand for free inquiry and debate in an age of cruel, shameless, unaccountable, and groundless censorship, vilification, and victimization.

Political Science, Social Science, Religion, Education, Identity Studies, British Studies, Islamic Studies, Cancel Culture, Civil Liberties
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August 18, 2023
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