Voices of Freedom: Asia


Dennis, Mark, Professor of East Asian Religions, Texas Christian University; Rima Abunasser, Instructor in English, Texas Christian University

Voices of Freedom: Asia showcases essays from activists, journalists, novelists, and scholars whose areas of expertise include free speech, peace and reconciliation, alterity-otherness, and Asian religions and literatures. Co-edited by Texas Christian University colleagues Rima Abunasser and Mark Dennis, the volume is meant to serve as a vehicle for giving dignity and depth to the peoples of this region by celebrating courageous voices of freedom trying to respond to fundamental, often devastating, changes on the ground, including the increasingly brutal application of Chinese power against ethnic minorities in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Mongolia, the persecution of the Rohingya Muslims by the government of Myanmar and radical Buddhist monks, and the rise of Hindu nationalism in India.

Voices of Freedom is aimed at college classes that address the many ways in which freedom intersects with politics, religion, and other elements in the societies in this dynamic and highly diverse region. It will serve as a valuable primary source for college teachers interested in exploring with their students the struggle for freedom in non-Western and transnational cultural contexts. The volume is also meant to attract other audiences, including readers from the general public interested in learning about inspirational people from parts of the world about which Americans and other English-speaking peoples are generally unfamiliar.

Politics, Religion, Asia, Human Rights, India, China, Myanmar, Tibet, Mongolia, Xinjiang, Rohingya Muslims, Developing World, Literature
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December 15, 2021
978-1680532579 Hardcover
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