New England Local Government: The Case of Connecticut


Rose, Gary L., Ph.D.; Professor and Chair, Department of Government, Sacred Heart University


Author of Haywire: A Chronology of the 2016 Presidential Contest (2017), No Holds Barred: The 2012 Connecticut Senate Race (2013), Shaping A Nation: Twenty-Five Supreme Court Cases That Changed the United States (2010), and Connecticut in Crisis: Policy Challenges and the 2018 Contest for Governor

Local government in the New England states has historically been regarded as a style of government that most closely embodies the spirit of American democracy. Although models of local government vary from one town to the next, the common thread which unites all New England towns is that the people are empowered to choose their own form of government, and in doing so control their own destiny.

In this fresh and insightful book, Professor Gary L. Rose, a well known commentator on American politics and native New Englander, introduces readers to local government in Connecticut. Rose takes readers on a journey showcasing the origin of Connecticut towns, the different models of government in existence among the state’s 169 communities, the means by which towns and cities finance public services, the status of party politics in urban, suburban, and rural communities, the creative endeavors currently underway at the local level of government, and the serious challenges facing local media with respect to performing their “watchdog” role over the affairs of local decision makers.

Intended for students, political practitioners, and a general audience, Professor Rose’s book not only fills a void in the literature on local government, but will also serve to inspire those who want to make a positive difference in the political life of their local communities.

Political Science, American Politics, Electoral Processes, Democracy Studies, New England, New England Politics, Connecticut, Sociology, Local Government
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March 1, 2021
978-1680539028 Hardcover
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