Next Stop, Tehran: The Neoconservative Campaign For War in Iran


Davis, Rohan, Ph.D. RMIT University in Melbourne


Author of Western Imaginings: The Intellectual Contest to Define Wahhabism

As the beating drums within the United States for a war with Iran grow louder, it is important, now more than ever, to understand precisely how and why neo-conservatives have chosen to orchestrate a sustained and coordinated campaign for a U.S. attack on Iran, or short of that, support an Israeli strike against the Islamic Republic's nuclear technology facilities. This campaign is aimed at convincing U.S. politicians, and policy- and decision-makers, that the Iranian regime is inherently evil and dangerous, and is intent on acquiring nuclear weapons for the sole purpose of attacking Israel.

This study breaks down some of the key rhetorical techniques neo-conservatives have utilized in this campaign, which gained serious momentum following the official withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq from 2007-2011 and the ratifying of the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015. It also locates and dissects the origins and the nature of the political and religious sources inspiring these choices, exploring the motivating roles played by ideas such as U.S., Israeli, and Jewish exceptionalism, and the concept of the End Times.

While this work is heavily geared towards focusing on how and why the neo-conservatives have chosen to engage themselves in the war of ideas about the 'true nature' of the Iranian regime, its people and their intentions, it also addresses the 'bricks and mortar;' aspect of the neo-conservative network primarily operating in and around Washington D.C. and New York.

Political Science, International Relations, Middle East Studies, Jewish Studies, Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Iran, Islamic Studies, War Studies, Neo-Conservatism, American Politics, Interest Groups, Nuclear Policy
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February 20, 2020
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