Advances in Computer Application and Signal Processing (Bethesda Scientific)


Stephen, Janahanlal, PhD: Editor


Professor, Matha College of Technology, India

Advances in Computer Application and Signal Processing addresses
academicians and professional researchers who are innovating ideas that
help not only human beings but enlighten the entire universe as well. As
researchers developing new ideas in such varied areas as engineering,
medicine, and biotechnology, new ideas represent continuity from old
research by other researchers. Advances in Computer Application and Signal
is a book that covers a broad range of cutting edge research
done by specialists in various fields.

It is our belief that, as ever, scientists, lecturers, scholars, craftsmen,
and students are under one academic roof with us, in this volume to be
published by Academica Press. Beyond question, this collection of articles
will add to existing computer knowledge and technology as well as to the
field of Information Technology generally. This added value caps a wide
scope ranging from software engineering to e-commerce, from
telecommunication to e-learning, and from modern management to
globalization. Merger of these areas will lead to an integrated and
pioneering approach in the fields of science and technology.

Our intention is that this collection will bridge the gap between industry
and education and minimize the existing overlaps among the research
presented. On the other hand, cooperation among experts and scholars will
provide a strong link among individuals and organizations at various fields.

Computer Science, Information Technology, International Development, Applied Science, Applied Technology, Computer Applications, Signal Systems, Electronics
Release Date: 
Sept. 1, 2018
Hardcover: 978-1680530667
Trim Size: 
6 x 9

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