Explaining Wars of Choice: Armed Humanitarian Intervention and Framing


Callahan, John M., Ph.D.

In Explaining Wars of Choice, John Callahan answers a series of questions related to National Security Decision Making. The decision making process itself is examined, looking at the methods and mindsets of American presidencies from the Cold War through the Obama administration. In addition, Explaining Wars of Choice studies the manner in which each administration considered and executed plans to raise public support for its decisions.

Using the examples of America’s armed humanitarian interventions, including Somalia, Kosovo, and Libya, the work focuses on the processes by which the intervention decisions were undertaken. The personalities of each administration, the operation of organizations such as the National Security Council, and the role of outside national and international actors are addressed.

On the way to answering questions about foreign policy, other issues are uncovered. Humanitarian policies such as Responsibility to Protect and the role of sovereignty and human security come to light. Communication issues such as the role of strategic communications and the rise of social media are shown to effect decision making. Theories of intervention, such as the concept of “Wars of Choice,” and their effect on national security processes are revealed.

Political Science, International Relations, International Law, American Studies, Human Rights, Public Policy, World History, American Politics, World Politics, United Nations, National Security Studies, Humanitarian Intervention, Peace Studies
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Feb. 1, 2018
Hardcover: 978-1680530612
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