Issues and Solutions to Women's Empowerment


Rincy, V. Matthew, Ph.D. (editor), & Pachanatham, N., Ph.D. (editor)


Business Administration, Annamalai University

In an era of unprecedented progress in human rights, the need for women's empowerment is being realized more than ever. It has become a significant topic of discussion in society as well as in the workplace. It has widely been admitted that enhancing the social position of women in a male-dominated society may solve several problems, such as meeting the basic needs of families, advancing overall social advancement, and adding quality resources that may bridge the gap between varied dimensions of socio-cultural existence.

            In this context the book addresses the following key issues: educating women, encouraging them to develop further in career as well as in life, encouraging women to develop entrepreneurial skills (which in turn, would make them employers rather than employees), advocating the promotion of gender equality within, and educating people about the achievements of gender equality .

            Each chapter presents the most recent findings and solutions of women's empowerment issues in such developing countries as India, Sri Lanka, etc.  The complete volume consists of 20 chapters by experts in the fields of management and entrepreneurship and is an excellent resource for the economic and social development of women in general and a volume of new ideas and concepts for entrepreneurs and researchers in particular.

Women's Studies, Political Science, Business, Economics, Education, Development Studies, Management, Entrepreneurship, Education Policy, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Psychology, Organizational Research, Organizational Development, Behavioral Research, Human Rights
Release Date: 
December 15, 2017
Hardcover: 978-1680530544
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6 x 9

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