On the Authorship Controversy: Evidence That Christopher Marlowe Wrote the Poems and Plays of William Shakespeare


Ayres, Robert U.


Professor Emeritus, INSEAD

On the Authorship Controversy is about how a historical deception has survived as a tradition for nearly 400 years, despite numerous challenges. I am referring to the “tradition” that the works attributed to William Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon were actually written by him, despite no evidence of schooling or access to libraries, lack of recognition by other playwrights when he died, and much more. The editors of the definitive decennial edition of his works, together with virtually all other scholars of English Literature, have declared that this rural fellow is the true author.

This book offers irrefutable mathematical evidence that Christopher Marlowe --  graduate of Cambridge University, the inventor of iambic pentameter, and the author of seven important plays before “Shakespeare” had ever been heard of --  did not die in late May 1593, as officially reported by the Queen’s Coroner.

How do we know that Marlowe was alive and the author of the sonnets? He announced his authorship in ciphers that are clear and unmistakable once you find the key. The key was found by an independent scholar named Peter Bull in 2005. He self-published his findings because the mainstream publishers were not interested, and very few people bothered to read his work. I did, and I have now undertaken to make his discovery a little more accessible to the general reader.

European Studies, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Shakespeare Studies, English Literature, English History, World History, Probability Studies, Elizabethan England, Tudor England, Conspiracies. Pseudonyms, Authorship Controversies, Literary Studies, Literary Theory
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August 15, 2017
Hardcover: 978-1680530353
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