Sordid Boon? The Context of Sustainability in Historical and Contemporary Global Economics


Lumley, Sarah


Ph.D, Economics, University of Western Australia, Senior Research Fellow and late Associate Professor, School of Earth and Geographical Studies, UWA

This work contributes to the social sciences generally, and economics in particular, by reviewing the way in which a narrowly applied interpretation of economics in the modern world contributes to social and environmental injustice. Through analysis of the context and intentions of the theorists upon whose ideas modern policy is based, especially in relation their ethical premises, the book contributes to the debate about using the current economic paradigm more appropriately until a better paradigm is implemented. Dr.Lumley examines both Global North and Global South in a bracing manner that does make room for ethical,value based environmental readings of macroeconomic policy and microeconomic practice in development and concerns such as global warming, pollution ,sustainable resource use conservation, and overpopulation.

In a recent article in the business section of the Time magazine Robert Johnson1 proposed that we ‘reintroduce context’ and research economic history as a means of understanding the economy. He also stressed the importance of interdisciplinary interactions for economics. As such, this original research study contributes to the field by doing what Johnson suggested and the discipline is enriched by a new critical voice.

Economics, Environmental Studies, Economics of Development, Research Economics,Sustainability , Global Development, Agricultural and Conservation Policy and Economics, Interdisciplinary Studies Global North and Global South
Release Date: 
February 10th, 2013
Cloth: 978-1-936320-57-8
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6 x 9

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