Imaginative Inquiry: Innovative Approaches to Interdisciplinary Research


Fogel, Dr. Curtis (with Andrea Quinlan,York University and Dr Elizabeth Quinlan, D/Sociology, University of Saskatchewan)


Ph.Ds (author: D/Interdisciplinary Studies, Lakehead University, Canada)

Academic disciplines have remained largely committed to research methods and methodologies that hinge on simplistic binaries and problematic dichotomies. Despite this historical and contemporary trend in interdisciplinary research, there have been some notable advances in innovative approaches to method and methodology. With the recent growth in these advances, there is an increasing need for texts that document contemporary, innovative approaches to research. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this edited compilation of essays charts some of the developing innovative trends in research methods and methodologies that transcend boundaries between: 1) quantitative and qualitative methods, 2) theory and method, 3) method and methodology, and 4) researcher and research participant. The overall aim of this book is to provide a guide for contemporary interdisciplinary researchers to explore the social world in imaginative ways, by moving beyond the singular, definite, discipline-specific research approaches of the past towards the more flexible, creative research approaches of the present.

The editor and contributors reflect the fields below especially social sciences, public health and advanced criminology and represent both Canadian and American best practices and approaches

Research Methods ,Sociology, Psychology, Nursing, Health Studies, Criminology, Interdisciplinary Studies, History, Political Science, Gender Studies and Anthropology
Release Date: 
September 15th , 2013
Cloth: 978-1-936320- 43-1
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6 x 9
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