Strategic Creativity in Marketing Communications


Karimova, Gulnara, Ph.D


Ph.D Comunications and Media Studies Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus; Assistant Professor, Communications and Marketing, Al Akhawayan University, Morocco author of Bakhtin & Interactivity: A Conceptual Investigation of Advertising Communication (2012, Academica Press)

"It is very heartening to see Gulnara Karimova's scholarly work on the application of Bakhtinian theory in understanding the marketing communication process being put to intriguing practical use in this new handbook of creative strategies. "

Chris Miles, PhD
Lecturer in Marketing and Communication
School of Business and Management
Queen Mary, University of London


In this book, Dr.Gulnara Z. Karimova concentrates on current pressing issues within the theory of interactive advertising. Such problems as defining interactivity and measuring levels of interactivity have recently attracted great interest among researchers. In spite of previous research attempts to address these issues, the field of interactive advertising has not progressed much beyond its preliminary phase. This book is an attempt to further the literature in the filed by applying Bakhtinian concepts of 'dialogic relationships,' 'polyphony,' 'carnival,' and the idea of the 'chronotope' to advertising research and analysis. This research translates into English, for the first time, many of Mikhail Bakhtin's theoretical and philosophical insights. As such this book provides insights into Bakhtinian philosophy and reveals new perspectives and contradictions within well-known Bakhtinian concepts. The book contains original material from the correspondence between Bakhtin and his follower Vladimir Turbin, a popular professor of Russian literature at Moscow, that has never previously been translated to English. Using an innovative approach, this study shows how Bakhtinian concepts can be applied to fields other than literary theory. The Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication notes that Karimova’s book Bakhtin and Interactive Advertising: “makes a valuable contribution to the study of interactivity by executing a rigorous and thought-provoking conceptual analysis that problematizes the way in which interactivity, as practice, has been stripped of its dialogical and communicative features by key theoreticians in the field.” Dr.Karimova discusses two problems related to the theory of interactive advertising: how interactivity can be defined and how it can be measured. For this purpose, the book uses Bakhtinian concepts as well as other theories and ideas, such as Gérard Genette's typology, Kristeva’s notion of intertextuality, Chris Miles' model for advertising communication, and cybernetics. The work will be of immense interest to communications, marketing, and advertising researchers, and specialists involved in interactive advertising, the theory of interactivity, and Bakhtinian philosophy and practice.

Strategic Creativity, Campaign Development, Conceptualization, Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Media Development, Bakhtin Interactivity, Genette, Kristeva, C.Miles
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February 1st, 2013
Trade Paperback: 978-1-936320-63-9
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