Irish Historical Documents, vol. 1


Swift, Catherine , volume editor (University of Liverpool) Elizabeth Malcolm, series editor (University of Melbourne)

1. Introduction: Irish and Latin documents as sources for Irish history
(Including a discussion of problems in using so-called ‘traditional’ information; the difficulties in dating early texts found in later manuscripts; the compilatory nature of Irish annals; differing attitudes to Irish and Latin language sources; the local rather than national nature of much pre-Norman material)

2. Chapter 1: Fifth-century and earlier sources
(These to include extracts dealing with Ireland from Strabo’s Geography, Tacitus’ Agricola & Annals; Ptolemy’s Geography & Almagest; Solinus’ Collectanea rerum Memorabilium; Ammianus Marcellinus’ History; the writings of St Jerome; Orosius’ History against the pagans; Patrick’s Confessio as found in the Book of Armagh; Ogam stones)

3. Chapter 2: Sixth-century sources:
(These to include extracts from Ogam stones; Columbanus’ letters & sermons; Penitential of Finnian; Amra Columcille (an elegy on the death of St Columba)

4. Chapter 3: Seventh-century sources
(These to include extracts from 7th century annals dealing with high-kings of Tara and provincial kings of Ireland; two poems on Leinster genealogies; Cogitosus’ life of Brigit; Muirchú’s life of Patrick – as found in the Book of Armagh; Tírechán’s Collectanea; two poems on Columba; Cáin Adomnáin – a legal tract on the rights of women and clerics)l lament for Cuimíne Foto; the Antiphonary of Bangor.

5. Chapter 4: Eighth-century sources.
(These to include extracts from Cíarraige genealogies; annals of Iona; Munster sources on kingship; extracts from law-tracts dealing with role of rulers (both secular and ecclesiastical); marriages; control of land; role of poets; wisdom tracts on rulers; Timna Cathair Máir – poetic account of Leinster kingdoms; charter material from the Book of Armagh)

6. Chapter 5: Ninth-century sources;
(These to include extracts from origin legends of dynasties such as the Uí Néill & the Éoganachta – most important kings in northern and southern halves of Ireland respectively. Also Senchas Síl Ír – traditions about the prehistoric history of Ulster ; annals dealing with arrival of Vikings; Baile in Scáil – account of kings of Tara and their burial places; annals dealing with Fedelmid mac Crimthann – king and holy man; Vita Tripartita – legendary account of Patrick’s British childhood & his travels in Ireland; annals of Armagh; Bethu Brigde – legendary account of Brigit including her consecration as a bishop; Monastery of Tallaght – account of the Céli Dé.

7. Chapter 6: Tenth-century sources
(Annals dealing with Clonmacnoise; the kingdom of Mide; Tuathal Techtmar & the story of Uisnech; annals of Dál Cais; annals for Viking wars of 917; Flann Manistrech’s poems concerning political events; Lanfranc’s & Anselm’s letters – by archbishops of Canterbury to Irish kings; professions of bishops of Dublin, Waterford and Limerick; annals giving bishops territorial titles)

8. Chapter 7: Eleventh-century sources
(Accounts of Battle of Clontarf and annals dealing with Brian Boru’s descendants; annals dealing with the kingdom of Leinster; Óenach Carmain – a poem on the assembly of the Leinstermen; Metrical Dindshenchas on Teltown (site of annual fair connected to kingship of Tara); Conchubranus’ Life of St Monena)

9. Chapter 8: Twelfth-century sources
(These to include extracts from Cogadh Gaedhal re Gallaibh; The Book of Rights; the kingdom of Cenél nÉogain; the kingdom of Connacht; Banshenchas; Synodal decrees of 1101; Dublin poem – on taxes due to Armagh by Vikings; Bernard’s Life of Malachy; Leabhar Gabála Érenn – the book of the [prehistoric] invasions of Ireland; the miracles of St Laurence O’Toole; Jocelin of Furness’ Life of Columba; foundation charter of Newry)

REFERENCE, Irish History (Beginning to 12th Century), Original and Archival Documentation
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