The Unobtrusive Miss Hawker: The Life and Works of “Lanoe Falconer”, Late Victorian Novelist and Short Story Writer, 1848 - 1908


Rowland, Peter


Biographer and historian, author of Raffles and his Creator, The Works of E.W.Hornung (1999), Lloyd George (1975) et al. Editor-in-Chief Folio Society edition (5 volumes) of Macaulay’s History of England.

Lanoe Falconer ( nom de plume of Mary Elizabeth Hawker) was one of England’s most accomplished young writers in the 1890s; her novel Mademoiselle Ixe a bestseller and an international hit. Her short stories and novels were compared favorably to Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell among others. Her promising career was cut short by chronic illness. Peter Rowland began his research by discovering a large mass of Falconer’s unpublished material including personal documents. He took this trove as a starting point to reconstruct and review Falconer’s work after almost a century of neglect. Falconer left a small enduring body of work and the author has included several of her short stories in this study to introduce researchers and other readers to the literary quality, power and scope of “the unobtrusive Miss Hawker”.

The English novel, late 19th century; English Women writers 1850-1900, British publishing history, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, the comedy of manners in Victorian England
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