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Companies and Taxation in Liechtenstein 8/E


Dr. Marxer, Hofrat Peter, et al


Former prime minister and economics minister of Liechtenstein

This work is the defining and key work in the corpus of corporate, banking and tax law in Liechtenstein, supplemented and including the EWR-laws and EU impacts on banking. It is essential material for international business, banking, accounting and financial planning in the principality and is distinct and separate from Swiss and EU laws and regulations. This excellent book covers much more than title implies which is why it is viewed as being indispensable: the law described by the men who write and interpret it.

The contents include: Preface “The Principality of Liechtenstein”, History of Civil Law, General aspects of Country Law, the Company Limited by Shares, the Establishment, The Foundation, the Trust, the Trust Enterprise, the Legal Position of beneficiaries, General aspects of Tax Law, Fiscal Criminal Law, Property and Gains Tax,Capital and Profits Tax, Value-added Tax, Coupon Tax, Swiss Federal Stamp Duties, Public Register Duties, Holding and Domiciliary Enterprises ,Due Diligence Law , Private International Law, Banking, Currency ,and Stock Exchange Law, Investment Law, Insurance Law, Law of Securities, Law of Industrial or Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law, Law of Obligations, Law of Property, Individual and family Law, Law of Succession, Jurisdiction, Criminal Law and Law of Criminal Procedure, Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, Criminal Procedure Law, Law of Execution, Insolvency Law, The European Union, Attorney’s Professional Code, Real estate Transactions, Nationality law, Law of Foreign Nationals.

Language: English

International Business Law, European Law, Taxation, Banking (Europe)
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