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Citizen of Africa: Conversations with Morgan Tsvangirai


Chan, Stephen


Ph.D., LL.D., Dean of Law and Social Sciences, School of Oriental and African Studies (London)

The leader of Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change as been demonized by President Robert Mugabe and his regime as a neo-colonial stooge and traitor. Mr. Tvangirai has been imprisoned by British; white Rhodesian and Zimbabwean authorities in the course of a career marked by non violent protest leadership and de facto recognition as the one person who can save his country from complete collapse and chaotic self destruction.

What does Tvangirai really want and really believe in? What are his ambitions and plans for his country? And how did Zimbabwe, once seen as the hope of Central Africa, descend into a spiral of failure and violence? These are the questions Professor Stephen Chan poses to Morgan Tvangirai in this revealing study of politics and personality in Africa. The author posits Tsvangirai as a deep thinker, a solid democrat, an honest man and a patient leader. But will this citizen of Africa live to see his ideas triumph or will he and his movement be destroyed? Dr. Chan’s original research and quantitative and qualitative overview will prove an important document in Zimbabwe’s possible escape from disaster and central Africa’s future.

AFRICAN STUDIES, Zimbabwe, Central Africa, International Relations, African Politics, 20th C, Mass Movements
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