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Homophobic Bullying in Irish Secondary Education


O’Higgins-Norman, James

This research monograph is an exploration of the experiences of students, parents
and teachers regarding sexuality and homophobic bullying in National (i.e. public)
as well as private secondary institutions. The work discusses settings that run
the gamut of tough inner city schools to historical entities with distinguished
graduates and first rate instruction and provides solid research statistics as well as
an historical overview of pedagogies that have been heavily influenced by religious
and sectarian agendas. Gender based schools and co-ed facilities are also contrasted
in relation to bullying and efforts to suppress and re direct class and playground
behaviors. European Union approaches to this problem also discussed. A robust
bibliography and index are included.

“I cannot emphasise enough the importance of Dr. O’Higgins-Norman’s work on
homophobic bullying in Irish schools. While significant empirical studies of this
nature have emerged in Britain, nothing on this scale or level of complexity has
come out of Ireland to date. This work represents a huge contribution to scholarly
work in the field of education studies, and has secured an important foothold for
research into gender and sexuality within the area of sociology of education in
Dr. Debbie Ging
School of Communications, Dublin City University

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