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The Collected Stories of Lanoe Falconer: Edited and with an Introduction by Peter Rowland


Rowland, Peter

Mary Elizabeth Hawker (1848-1908), who wrote from 1890 onwards under the
pseudonym of Lanoe Falconer, is remembered today primarily as the author of
two best-selling novellas (Mademoiselle Ixe and Cecilia de Noël), five brilliant
short stories (published under the title Hôtel d’Angleterre) and a slim volume
of wonderful reminiscences entitled Old Hampshire Vignettes. All of these will
be found in Collected Tales—but they are reinforced by eight additional short
stories, one additional novella (Shoulder to Shoulder) and one additional vignette.
These supplementary items, buried in the archives for more than a century, are
now brought to light by Peter Rowland, Hawker’s biographer, after much patient
research and dedicated delving. They are accompanied by a short series of
penetrating Character Sketches, intended for a book (or books) that would never
be written, plus an article on how to tackle short stories. Bearing additional witness
to Lanoe Falconer’s astonishing range and versatility, this fresh material makes
Collected Tales a unique and invaluable volume—one not to be missed by the
growing army of this remarkable writer’s fans.

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978-1-933146-81-2 / 1933146-81-8
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6 x 9

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