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Our Unfinished Biological Revolution


Itzkoff, Seymour W.


Professor Emeritus of Education, Smith College; Author of Humanity’s Evolutionary Destiny: A Darwinian Perspective

Seymour W. Itzkoff is one of the world’s leading intelligence researchers. His exciting new book Our Unfinished Biological Revolution offers a bold and highly original new study on the evolution of human intelligence from the origin of life to our times. With the help of evolutionary theory, Itzkoff explains the nature of human intelligence as we know it today. Most importantly, it demonstrates that evolution led to the rise of what intelligence researchers call the general intelligence factor: the human ability to plan ahead and solve problems for which natural selection did not prepare us. The book also argues that humans vary in intelligence (as with all traits shaped by Darwinian evolution), and hence in their propensity to think abstractly and anticipate long-term consequences of their actions. Our Unfinished Biological Revolution explores the social implications of these two factors as they unfold in modern technological societies, in which intelligence plays an increasingly important role. Finally, the book argues that human intelligence may offer our best hope in solving the daunting problems of the present era―including population growth, the exhaustion of natural resources, and the rise of simplistic and devastating ideologies.

Social Sciences, Biology, Evolution, Evolutionary Biology, Homo sapiens, Humans, Psychology, Intelligence, Intelligence Studies, Civilization
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March 15, 2021
978-1680539226 Hardcover
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