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Ronald Reagan: Revolution Ascendant (St. James’s Studies in World Affairs)


Thornton, Richard C.


Professor of History and International Affairs, George Washington University

When Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, he found America’s economy, defense, and global position weakened to the point of collapse. The previous seven years of attempted détente with the Soviet Union had resulted in the worst foreign policy failures in American history. As the distinguished diplomatic historian Richard C. Thornton shows in this thorough reassessment of Reagan’s presidency, written for the 40th anniversary of his election, the new president was determined to rebuild American economic and military power and to restore the Western Alliance. Reagan’s “Victory Program” supported anti-Soviet resistance movements in communist countries, attacked the financial underpinnings of the Soviet economy, and boldly challenged the Soviet Union’s forward positions around the world. The deployment of Pershing II missiles to Europe in 1983 restored the balance of power in Europe and, combined with the U.S. military buildup, reestablished strategic equilibrium between the United States and the Soviet Union by the end of Reagan’s first term. As America faces a host of new challenges in the world today, this reexamination will be of interest to students, scholars, and practitioners alike.

American Studies, Political Science, International Relations, History, International History, American History, Cold War, Ronald Reagan, Twentieth Century, Geopolitics
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February 8, 2021
978-1680539172 Hardcover
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