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Italian Culture in America: How a Founding Father Introduced Italian Art, Architecture, Food, Wine, and Liberty to the American People


Giordano, Ralph


Author of Pop Goes the Decades: The Fifties, The Architectural Ideology of Thomas Jefferson, and Social Dancing in America

At the onset of the American Revolution, Britain’s North American colonies sought political independence but remained culturally dependent upon Europe. Among the many vast contributions of Thomas Jefferson, one of the most celebrated Founding Fathers, was a continuing admiration and lifelong affinity for all things Italian. Jefferson believed that the genesis of liberty followed a path from Ancient Rome, through the Italian Renaissance and Enlightenment, and toward a progressive future for the new American nation.

While Jefferson’s affinity for Italy is well known, studying his role in assimilating Italian culture into the American project is a new venture. Surveying Jefferson as an Italophile reveals a wide spectrum of cultural appreciation. Ralph Giordano’s innovative new book will certainly appeal to those interested in American History and America’s emergence as a developing nation.

American Studies, American Revolution, War of Independence, Multiculturalism, Italy, Italophilia, Italian Culture, Enlightenment, Renaissance, Ancient Rome, Thomas Jefferson, Social History, Ethnic Studies, Identity Politics
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May 1, 2020
978-1680530988 Hardcover
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