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R)evolution: Security Challenges Past and Present


Kent, Neil, University of Cambridge; Irina du Quenoy, Georgetown University (Editors)

This collection of essays comprises a series of think-pieces about the security challenges of the present, both in the realm of cyberspace and otherwise, with a particular consideration of the promise and possible negative effects of new digital technologies. French military academy instructor Gérard de Boisboissel considers the contemporary digital transformation of his country’s military and proposes ways to ensure its maximum effectiveness. Retired American senior intelligence officer Leslie Gruis takes the long historical view, examining parallels between the effects of the current technological revolution and the transformation wrought by the invention of the printing press. Columbia University research scholar Michael Klipstein and coauthor Peter Chuzie analyze the potential offered for intelligence collection by the Internet of Things. And British academic Craig Stanley-Adamson explores the lessons that may be drawn from the relationship between Israel and its neighbors in the first decade post 9/11, arguing that it was characterized by a surprising degree of cooperation in the security realm that may, given auspicious circumstances, be repeated in the future.

Political Science, International Relations, War Studies, Technology Studies, Military Policy, Middle East Studies, War Studies, Cyber Security, Terrorism, U.S. Foreign Policy, France, Israel, Internet Studies
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March 1, 2020
978-1680531251 Hardcover
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