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The Instructional Designers: A Guide for Dual Credit Teachers—Theory and Practice


Johnson, Roscoe A., Ph.D., Professor of English, Lone Star College


Author of Understanding Dual Credit Education: Theory, Philosophy, and Psychology – The Community College Perspective

The Instructional Designers: A Guide for Dual Credit Teachers—Theory and Practice presents a thorough examination of American higher education, and particularly the emergence of dual credit education, as a viable program of teaching and learning, within the higher education paradigm. Professor Roscoe Johnson introduces the first half of the book with an examination of the history and development of education in the West, and higher education in particular. He then moves on to an exhaustive retracing of the history and theory of education curriculum in the United States.

The book also explores, in significant detail, several theoretical approaches to learning that have been utilized in education over the history of Western higher education. The text also introduces psychological theories of learning which undergird Dr. Johnson’s theoretical work, chiefly among them Cognitive Load Theory (Sweller, 1988). Lastly, The Instructional Designers provides helpful pedagogical suggestions for dual credit teachers which may benefit them practically in their curriculum work in the dual credit classroom.

Education, Higher Education, Secondary Education, Gifted and Talented Programs, Education Policy, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Psychology, Organizational Research, Organizational Development, Behavioral Research, Pedagogy, Teaching, Credit Policy, Community College
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September 1, 2019
978-1680531473 Hardcover
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