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Mapping Human Security Challenges in the Kashmir Valley (St. James's Studies in World Affairs)


Rather, Mohd Aarif, Ph.D.


Centre for Security Studies and Research, Central University of Gujarat

In this penetrating study, Mohd Aarif Rather tackles the problem of the Kashmir Valley, one of the most complex situations in international politics, from the perspective of human security. The Kashmir conflict involves disputed borders between two nuclear power, India and Pakistan, and a local population that has become increasingly alienated from Indian federal rule. Kashmir has also witnessed intense militarization, resulting in various security issues,problematized identities, and disputed demarcation of frontiers.

Unlike previous studies of the Kashmir conflict, Mapping Human Security Challenges departs from conventional analyses of security issues. This study moves our understanding of Kashmir to a grassroots level, and assesses the challenges posed by intensive militarisation to the ability (or inability) to lead a life as one wishes. The paradigmatic militarisation prevailing in the valley of Kashmir allows for an examination of the numerous challenges demanded by human security. Unexplored security issues frequently identified in the world today are thus central to this book.

International Relations, International Security, South Asian Studies, Security Studies, Human Rights Studies, India, Pakistan, Kashmir
Release Date: 
October 15, 2018
Hardcover: 978-1680534726
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