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Player, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist: The Story of Edward Alleyn, 1566 - 1626 (paperback edition)


Southern, Antonia


Author of A House Divided: Christianity in England, 1526-1829

Southern book coverEdward Alleyn was a man of many talents and great energy. He was the actor who created the roles of Tamburlaine, Dr Faustus, and Barabas, the Jew of Malta, in Christopher Marlowe’s plays and played in comedies, histories and tragedies by the leading authors of his day. In one week in August 1594, he took the leading part in six different plays. His acting was praised by Queen Elizabeth I herself.

From an early age he was determined to make money and became successful in doing so as an impresario managing entertainments including bear and bull baiting and as a dealer in property. He made a fortune and gave it away; the College of God’s Gift in Dulwich, which he founded in 1619, is his lasting memorial.

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July 1, 2018
Paperback: 978-1680530285
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