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Delia Tudor Stewart Parnell and the Irish Home Rule Movement 1879-1898; The Story of the “Lady Chieftaness”


Schneller, Beverly, D/English, Millersville University


Ph.D, author of Anna Parnell’s Political Journalism

Delia Tudor Stewart Parnell(1816 – 1898)rose to fame in Ireland and in the United States as the “mother of the patriot” Charles Stewart Parnell. Christened “the Lady Chieftaness” by an admiring American crowd at one of her many public rallies on behalf of Home Rule, her history has always been partial and ancillary to that of her famous son. Indeed her role in the lives of her daughters Fanny and Anna Parnell—both activists in the National cause—has been little noticed nor studied. This monograph discusses Delia’s activities as the President of the Ladies’Land League, her role in the propanganda and journalistic wars of the day, her efforts to free her son from prison, and her achievements as a public person and active poet. Professor Schneller has used original documentation, newspaper archives, family papers to create a study of a strong willed and idealist woman of the Anglo-Irish gentry who devoted her adult life to the service of freeing her country. As a pioneering feminist and political activist Delia T.S.Parnell ‘s career is worthy of a serious scholarly reappraisal and that is what Professor Schneller has provided.

Irish Studies, Ireland, 19thC History, Feminism in 19th Politics and Journalism, the Home Rule Movement
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