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Zelman, Thomas W. and Patricia L. Hagen Eavan Boland and the History of the Ordinary: A Critical Study
Zakaev, Akmed, Former Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in exile Subjugate or Exterminate!: A Memoir of Russia’s Wars in Chechnya
Zakaev, Akmed, Former Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in exile Subjugate or Exterminate!: A Memoir of Russia’s Wars in Chechnya (paperback)
Xerri, Daniel Ted Hughes' Art of Healing: Into Time and Other People
Wright, Jay , Ph.D. Consulting: Part Time and Full Time Career Options for Scholars and Researchers
Woznicki, Andrew The Transcendent Mystery in Man: A Global Approach to Ecumenism
Wolfson, Adi, Ph.D., Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Humankind, Society, and the Environment: Lessons of the Past and Responsibility to the Future
Whisker, James B.:Professor Emeritus of Political Science, West Virginia University; Kevin R. Spiker, Associate Professor of Political Science, Ohio University Capital Punishment in American Courts
Whisker, James B., Professor Emeritus of Political Science, West Virginia University; Kevin R. Spiker, Associate Professor of Political Science, Ohio University Command Responsibility: Holding Military Leaders Accountable for their Troops (W. B. Sheridan Law Books)
Whisker, James B., Professor Emeritus of Political Science, West Virginia University; John R. Coe, Independent Scholar Nazi Ideologist: The Political and Social Thought of Alfred Rosenberg
Whisker, James B. and Spiker, Kevin ARMS MAKERS OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1610 - 1900
West, Taylor Shards of Identity: The Origins of the Evangelical Movement during the Cold War, 1945-1981
Warwick, Keith, California writer and civil engineer The Jewish Community in New England
Ward, Harry M. Going Down Hill: Legacies of the American Revolutionary War
Wallhead, Celia Washington Irving and Spain: The Romantic Movement, The Re/Creation of Islamic Andalusia and the Critical Reception
Villar-Argáiz, Pilar The Poetry of Eavan Boland: A Postcolonial Reading
Vasudevan, Shritha K., University of Florida PREDICTING GENDER VIOLENCE IN INDIA: A COUNTERINTUITIVE THEORETICAL APPROACH (St. James’s Studies in World Affairs)
Vanke, Jeffrey Europeanism and European Union: Interests,Emotions and Systemic Integration, in the Early European Economic Union,1954 - 1966
Vandevelde, Karen The Alternative Dramatic Revival in Ireland 1987 – 1913
Valditara, Giuseppe: University of Turin Civis Romanus Sum: Citizenship and Empire in Ancient Rome
Uno, Kei Japanese Catholic Intellectuals and Newman Studies
Turner, Tramble T. Colm Toibin: Novels of the State, Childhood and Religion
Tonetto, Walter Ph.D. Exiled in language: The Poetry of Margaret Diesendorf, Walter Billeter, Rudi Krausman and Manfred Jurgensen
Tohme, Hicham, Ph.D., Sheffield University Russia's Geostrategic Outlook and the Syrian Crisis (St. James's Studies in World Affairs)
Tinker, Vanessa Education for Peace: The Politics of Adopting and Mainstreaming Peace Education Programs in a Post-Conflict Setting
Thompson, Corey Evan; University of Windsor Death in Herman Melville’s Fiction: Melville’s “Memento Mori”
Thiher, Allen: Curators’ Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri, Columbia and Permanent Fellow, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge Reform For An Enlightenment Education
Tell, Carol Part-Time Exiles: Contemporary Irish Poets and Their American Migrations
Teelucksingh, Jerome Caribbean Liberators: Bold and Black Personalities and Organizations 1900-1989
Tanner, Barney, former John Hay Fellow at Columbia and author Joycean Elements in F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby: Aspects of Burlesque, Shadowing, Dichotomies and Doubling
Tague, Gregory, Editor The Origins of English Literary Modernism, 1870 – 1914
Tague, Gregory F. Character and Consciousness: George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, E. M. Forster, D. H. Lawrence (Phenomenological, Ecological and Ethical Readings)
Swift, Catherine , volume editor (University of Liverpool) Elizabeth Malcolm, series editor (University of Melbourne) Irish Historical Documents, vol. 1
Sullivan, Eileen A. The Life of William Carelton (1794 - 1869) And The Origins of Modern Irish Literature
Stevenson, Joseph, Professor, Jackson State University; former Provost Mississippi Delta State University; Richard A. Schmuck, Debra A. Buchanan, Rodney Denne, Melissa Druckrey, Arthur Jefferson and Karen Wilson HEAR AND NOW: Desk Guide for Administrative and Academic Decision Making with Higher Education Action Research
Stevenson, Joseph Martin, Jay Finkelman, Bryant Horowitz, Melissa Druckrey, and Karen Wilson-Stevenson Neurodiversity Within A Divided Nation: The Nerve to Unite
Stevenson, Joseph Martin and Ruth Williams, PhD Modernizing the College Curriculum in American Higher Education: The Case for Transcultural Triangularity
Stevenson, Joseph Martin and Mary M. White The Engrossed Entrepreneurial Campus: What the Academy and the Economy Need Now
Starostina, Natalia; Editor Memory and Mythology: Modern War and the Construction of Historical Memory , 1775 - 2000
Sperber, Irwin The New Medical Sociology: Compelling Current Narratives
Southern, Antonia Player, Playwright and Preacher's Kid: The Story of Nathan Field, 1587 – 1620
Southern, Antonia THE QUEEN'S GODSON; Sir John Harington of Kelston, 1560 – 1612
Southern, Antonia Player, Playwright and Preacher's Kid : The Story of Nat Field, 1587 - 1620 (hardcover edition)
Southern, Antonia Player, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist: The Story of Edward Alleyn, 1566 - 1626 (paperback edition)
Southern, Antonia Player, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist: The Story of Edward Alleyn, 1566 - 1626 (hardcover edition)
Sorensen, Peter J. Ideas of Ascension and Translation: A Study of the Literary and Cultural Mythological Tradition of the West
Sokolow, Jayme A., PhD Size Matters: A History of Height in America
Soi, Neha Identity Politics and the Third World
Smith, Marion, Executive Director, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation; Murray Bessette, Director of Academic Programs, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation: Editors Truth, Memory, Justice: One Hundred Years After the Bolshevik Revolution
Skelly, Joseph , editor The Collected Literary Criticism of Conor Cruise O’Brien
Simpson, Tuğçe Çankaya CHIVALRIC TRADITION IN 21ST CENTURY FANTASY LITERATURE: Lacanian and Saidian Other
Shults, Christopher and Stevenson, Joseph Martin AMERICAN TREASURES: Building, Leveraging, and Sustaining Capacity in Historically Black College and Universities
Shienbaum, Professor Kim and Jamal Hasan, Editors Beyond Jihad: Critical Voices From Inside Islam
Shelton, Lewis E. Ideas of Theatre: The Five Directorial Perspectives of the American Stage
Shatravka, Alexander, Soviet Dissident ESCAPE FROM PARADISE: A Russian Dissident’s Journey From the Gulag to the West
Shantz, Jeff Living Anarchy: Theory and Practice in Anarchist Movements
Settele J, Kudrna O, Harpke A, Kuehn I, van Swaay C, Verovnik R, Warren M, Wiemers M, Hanspach J, Hickler T, Kuehn E, van Halder I, Veling K, Vliegenthart A, Wynhoff I, Schweiger O Helmholtz Center, Germany The Climatic Risk Atlas of European Butterflies
Serhan, Randa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology, American University Neither Thugs nor Terrorists: Black-Palestinian Solidarity Movements in the United States
Sennett, Herbert Nicholas Rowe and the Beginnings of Feminism on the London Stage
Seiba, Zafar Instructed Second Language Acquisition: Reconsidering the Role of Explicit Learning
Scully, Eileen, Anglican Church of Canada Grace and Human Freedom in the Theology of Henri Bouillard
Schneller, Beverly, D/English, Millersville University Delia Tudor Stewart Parnell and the Irish Home Rule Movement 1879-1898; The Story of the “Lady Chieftaness”
Schneller, Beverly Anna Parnell’s Political Journalism: A Critical Edition
Schmuck, Richard A. and Stevenson, Joseph Martin Action Research for Higher Educators
Schmuck, Richard A. and Stevenson, Joseph M. Action Research for College Community Health Work: Getting Out, Going Into and Giving Back
Schmuck, Richard A. and Stevenson, Joseph M. Action Research for College Community Health Work: Getting Out, Going Into and Giving Back, Volume II
Scee, Trudy Irene, D/History, UMaine-Orono A Bird for a Bonnet: Gender, Class and Culture in American Birdkeeping 1776 – 2000
Saur, Pamela Ernst Weiss: Life, Works and Legacy of a Czech Literary Master and Friend of Franz Kafka, 1882–1940
Sammells, Professor Neil, Editor; Contributors: Louis Armand, Michael Faherty, Rui Carvalho Homem,Ellen Carol Jones, John Kenny, Marisol Morales Ladron, Vivian Valvano Lynch,Donald E Morse,Paul Murphy,Erin V Obermuelller,Monica Randaccio,Maryna Romanets,    Robert Tracy, Simon Tresize, Clare Wallace and Kim Wallace Beyond Borders: IASIL Essays on Modern Irish Writing
Rowland, Peter The Unobtrusive Miss Hawker: The Life and Works of “Lanoe Falconer”, Late Victorian Novelist and Short Story Writer, 1848 - 1908
Rowland, Peter Dickensian Digressions: The Hunter, The Haunter and the Haunted
Rowland, Peter The Collected Stories of Lanoe Falconer: Edited and with an Introduction by Peter Rowland
Roth, Marty Cultures of Memory: Memory Culture, Memory Crisis and the Age of Amnesia
Roth, Marty The Life and Death of Privacy in the West: the Ethnography of a Social and Aesthetic Concept
Roth, Marty Trickle and Flow: Chapters in the History and Culture of Water
Rosenstock, Gabriel My Mule Drinks from the Ganges
Rose, Gary L., Ph.D. Connecticut in Crisis: Policy Challenges and the 2018 Contest for Governor
Rose, Gary L. Shaping A Nation : Twenty-Five Supreme Court Cases That Changed the United States
Rooney, David Kwame Nkrumah: Vision and Tragedy
Rollins, Ronald Ruin, Ritual and Remeberance in 20th Century Irish Drama
Rogal, Samuel J. John Wesley's Calendar: Day by Day on the Methodist Itinerancy
Rogal, Samuel J. The Call of the Road: Visions of the Land in the Geographical Journey of Vachel Lindsay
Rogal, Professor Samuel J. (editor) “To Go and Serve the Desolate Sheep in America”: The Diary/Journal of Bishop Richard Whatcoat 1789 - 1800
Risden, Edward Seeking the Beautiful: A Study in Literary Aesthetics
Risden, E. L., Professor of English, St. Norbert College Spiritual Shakespeare: Religious Subtext in the Plays
Rincy, V. Matthew, Ph.D. (editor), & Pachanatham, N., Ph.D. (editor) Issues and Solutions to Women's Empowerment
Richmond, Walter, Ph.D., University of Southern California The Keys to Freedom: Tolstoyan lessons of life for every day, Volume II
Richmond, Walter, Ph.D., University of Southern California The Keys to Freedom: Tolstoyan Lessons of Life for Every Day, Volume I
Reid, David; Lecturer (ret.), Department of English Studies, University of Stirling Making Sense of Metaphors and Other Tropes
Reid, David Stuart and Susan Stuart Men as Islands: Robinsonades From Sophocles to Margaret Atwood
Redfern-West, Robert Le Clezio: A Literary Topography of New Departures, Poetic Adventure and Sensual Ecstasy—The Man and His Works
Redfern, Walter The Dead and the Quick: Cliches and Neologisms in the Written, Spoken and Visual Cultures of Britain, The United States and France
Redfern, Walter LOOSE CONNEXIONS : The Poetry of Walter Redfern
Redfern, Walter PUNS and THEIR KIN
Redeker, Robert; translated and with an introduction by Philip Beitchman with an Introduction by Christian Delacampagne, author of A History of French Philosophy in the Twentieth Century (Johns Hopkins,1999) Inhuman: The Internet, Education and Humanity
Redeker, Robert, Translated from French by Professor Philip Beitchman, NYU Depression and Philosophy
Real, Hermann J. Securing Swift
Rather, Mohd Aarif, Ph.D. Mapping Human Security Challenges in the Kashmir Valley (St. James's Studies in World Affairs)
Rask, Dr. Bart Evolution by Affirming the Consequent: Scientific Challenges to Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Ramsey, Jarold & Dorothy The Piper of Cloone: Father James Keegan and the Early Gaelic Revival
Raichevsky, S. America and the Bulgarians up to the Constituent Assembly of 1879: In English
Rai, Anuradha Security and Women in Post-Conflict Societies: A Comparative Study of Cambodia and Rwanda
Rabow, Jerome, Charles Powers et al Excellent Teaching in the Excellent University: Realities and Possibilities for Voice in the College Classroom
Quintelli-Neary, Marguerite The Irish American Myth of the Frontier West
Quinn, E. Moore Irish American Folklore in New England
Quandt, Kenneth Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley The Phaedrus of Plato: A Translation with Notes and Dialogical Analysis
Pouschine, Anna, Princeton University Letters of a Russian Dissident: Ivan Pouschine’s Siberian Exile Correspondence
Porter, Burton, Ph.D., University of Oxford The Janus Face of Ideas: Which Way Should We Look?
Porter, Burton, Ph.D., University of Oxford Forbidden Knowledge: Things We Should Not Know
Polsky, Stephanie, Ph.D., California College of the Arts The End of the Future: Governing Consequence in the Age of Digital Sovereignty
Polsky, Stephanie Walter Benjamin’s Transit: A Destructive Tour of Modernism
Pizer, Donald American Literary Naturalism
Pitts, Eugene Isaac Treating the Chemically Dependent Criminal Personality
Pilon, Juliana Geran, Ph.D. The Utopian Conceit and the War on Freedom
Pelletier, Martine The Theatre of Brian Friel
Payne-Jackson, Arvilla: editor and contributor Service Learning: An Agent for Social Change
Parker, Kenneth and Pahls, Michael J., Editors Authority, Dogma and History: The Role of the Oxford Movement Converts in the Papal Infallibility Debates
Parker, Ciaran, volume editor (Independent Scholar) ; Malcolm, Elizabeth, series editor (University of Melbourne) Irish Historical Documents, vol. 2
Palouš, Martin, Glenn Hughes (Editors) The Presence of the Past: Essays on Memory, Conflict, and Reconciliation (St. James’s Studies in World Affairs)
Palouš, Martin (Editor) The Solidarity of The Shaken: Jan Patočka’s Legacy in the Modern World
O’Higgins-Norman, James, Ph.D Homophobic Bullying in Irish Secondary Education
O’Higgins-Norman, James Homophobic Bullying in Irish Secondary Education
Ormsby-Lennon, Hugh Fools of Fiction: Reading William Trevor’s Stories
Okladnikov, Aleksei P. (1908-1981), famed Soviet Archeologist The Peoples of Ancient Siberia: An Archeological History
Ojakorotu Ph.D., Victor, and Olaopa Ph.D., Olawale: Editors Women's Perspectives on Social and Political Development in Africa
Öğüt, Suheyb; Founder and Director, Bosphorus Center for Global Affairs Being and Symptom: The Intersection of Sociology, Lacanian Psychoanalysis, and Continental Philosophy
Ogunyemi, Yemi D. (Yemi D. Price) The Aesthetic and Moral Art of Wole Soyinka
Ogunyemi, Yemi D. The Oral Traditions in ILE –IFE: The Yoruba People and Their Book of Enlightenment
Oduaran, Ph.D., Akpovire An African Perspective on Development: Learning to Live and Living to Learn in the Twenty-First Century
O'hAodha, Michael and Tony McCarthy THE SACRED DANCE OF THE IRISH CIRCUS:Rural Ireland and Traveling Shows and Showpeople, 1922 -1972
O'hAodha, Michael The Sacred Dance of the Irish Circus: Rural Ireland and Traveling Shows and Showpeople, 1922-1972
O'Donnell, Francis Martin The O’Donnells of Tyrconnell – A Hidden Legacy (Maunsel Irish Research Series)
Nwaezeigwe, Nwankwo Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka Delivered From the Mouth of the Dragon: A Face To Face Encounter With Islamist Terrorism
Nwaezeigwe, Nwankwo Ph.D. The African Theater of the Middle East Conflict: Studies in Arab Neo-Colonialism in Black Africa, 1952-1993
Norton, Bruce H. Letters from a Yankee Doughboy: Private 1 st Class Raymond W. Maker in World War I
Nielson, Jonathan M., Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara A history of Alaska, Volume I: From Old and New Frontiers to the Changing Strategic Balance
Nielson, Jonathan M. Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara A History of Alaska, Volume II: Alaska On the Road to War
Nielson, Jonathan M. Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara A History of Alaska, Volume III: Gibraltar of the North
Nielson, Jonathan M. American Historians in War and Peace: Patriotism, Diplomacy and the Paris Peace Conference, 1918-1919
Nichols, Julie Maps and Meaning: Urban Cartography and Urban Design
Newman, Zelda Kahan Kadya Molodowsky: The Life of a Jewish Woman Writer
Nelson, Elena Tradition and Innovation in Russian Church Slavonic Hymnography
Nefedkin, Alexander K., St. Petersburg State University (Russia) Warfare in the Russian Arctic: The Military History of Chukotka from the Early First Millennium to the Nineteenth Century
Nasr, Nicole Real Housewives of Diplomacy: A Psychological Study
Nall, Jeffery Feminism and the Mastery of Women
Myers, Jason The Great War and Memory in Irish Culture, 1918 -2010
Musa, Bala Framing Genocide: Retribilization and Conflict Management in the New World (Dis)order: The Media, Diplomacy and The Framing of Domestic Implosions
Murray, Jorge Edmundo Becoming Gauchos Ingleses: Diasporic Models in Irish – Argentine Literature
Murphy, Sean J. Twilight of the Chiefs: the MacCarthy Mor Hoax
Murphy, Sean The Lucas Affair
Murphy, Reverend Joseph P. The Fountain of Life: John Calvin, the Devotio Moderna and Metaphorical Theology of Trinity, Word, and Sacrament
Murphy, James H. (edited , with notes and an extended Introduction) Rosa Mulhollond’s (Lady Gilbert ,1841-1922) Marcella Grace
Murphy, Cliona Charlotte Elizabeth's Ireland
Murchison, Dr. Arthur, editor of the Murchison Papers and Journals WAR BEFORE SCIENCE: Sir Roderick Impey Murchison's Youth, Army Service and Military Associates During the Napoleonic Wars
Moscow, Sofia- in cooperation with Bethesda Scientific Sea Slugs of the Red Sea
Morris, Ruth Mary Elizabeth Braddon and the Jewish Question: A Victorian English Novelist and the Worlds of Anglo-Jewry, Zionism and Judaism, 1859 - 1913
Morris, Ruth Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Belgravia, A London Magazine, and the World of Anglo-Jewry, Jews and Judaism, 1866 - 1899
Morris, Ruth Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Yorkshire: Dialect, Place and Setting in Victorian Sensation Literature
Morkoc, Selen A Study of Ottoman Narratives on Architecture: Text, Context and Hermeneutics
Moore, Sean (Editor, with notes and introduction) Critical Receptions: Jonathan Swift
Mood, John Joyce's Ulysses for Everyone: Plotting the Narrative
Moffitt, Leonard Caum Challenge of Change: Perspective for Our Twenty-First Century
Milyukov, Ilya: Attorney and Writer Chronicles of The First and Second Chechen Wars
Meyer-Dinkgrafe, Daniel and Tague, Gregory F. - Editors Origins of English Dramatic Modernism, 1870 - 1914
Mentan, Tatah Understanding Contemporary Capitalism: A Marxist Historical / Materialist Interpretation
Mentan, Tatah The Recolonization of Africa Today: With Neither Guns nor Bullets (Revised Edition)
Medyanik, Vadim Nobility, entrepeneurship, and politics in Late Imperial Russia: A biography of Nikolai von Ditmar
McNamara, Donald, Editor The History of Ireland by Standish O'Grady
McMullen, Emerson Thomas (editor and translator) William Harvey’s De Motu Cordis: A New Translation and Latin Edition
McLure, Victoria The Shattered Visage: The Remythologising of the British Literary Hero After World War 1
McKinley, Kenya Educational Services for Homeless Adults: A Qualitative Research Study
McInnis, Gilbert Evolutionary Mythology in the Writings of Kurt Vonnegut: Darwin, Vonnegut and the Construction of an American Culture
McGrath, Charles Ivar , volume editor (University College Dublin) ; Malcolm, Elizabeth , series editor (University of Melbourne) Irish Historical Documents, vol. 3
McDowell, Dorothea Ella Young and Her World: Celtic Mythology, The Irish Revival and The Californian Avant-Garde
McCormack, William J. The Dark Grove: Collected Essays, Introductions and Obituaries
McCartney, Robert, QC,MP; Foreword by John O’Sullivan Reflections on Liberty, Democracy and the Union
McCarthy, John P. Twenty-first Century Ireland: A View From America
McBroom, William Explaining the Holocaust: Behavior of Perpetrators, Victims and Bystanders
Matos, T.Carlo IBSEN'S FOREIGN CONTAGION: Henrik Ibsen, Arthur Wing Pinero and Modernism on the London Stage,1880 -1900
Marvell, Leon Transfigured Light: Philosophy, Science and the Hermetic Imaginary
Martinez, Jose, Ph.D.; Professor of Sociology (ret.), University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Diversity, Funding, and Standardized Testing in American Education: Causes of Inequality
Martin, Kelly Everything is a Translation: Literary Translation as a Metadiscipline and as a Practice
Marsland, Amy and Marsland, William B. Origin of Culture
Maougal, Mohamed and Kassoul, Aicha; Translation: Professor Philip Beitchman, NYU The Algerian Destiny of Albert Camus: 1940 – 1962
Manweller, Mathew The People vs.The Courts: Initiative Elites, Ballot Measures and Judicial Nullification in the American State System
Manes, R. Averell The Pied-Noirs 1960-2000: A Case Study in the Persistence of Subcultural Distinctiveness
Mandle, Jay R. Creating Political Equality: American Elections as a Public Good
Mamelok, Richard David What Grace
Majumdar, Sirshendu Yeats and Tagore: A Comparative Study of Cross-Cultural Poetry, Nationalist Politics, Hyphenated Margins and The Ascendancy of the Mind
Maior, George Cristian America’s First Spy: The Tragic Heroism of Frank Wisner
Maior, George Cristian America’s First Spy: The Tragic Heroism of Frank Wisner (Paperback)
Mai, Tam, PhD China Moves South: Human Rights Implications in the Paracel and Spratly Islands (St. James’s Studies in World Affairs)
Mai, Tam Human Trafficking as a Brand Within the Framework of Human Rights: Case Studies in the United States
Mahoney, Harry Thayer and Mahoney, Marjorie L. Espionage in Elizabethian England
Mahoney, Harry T. Espionage in Early Mexico: Aztec, Spanish Colonial and the Revolutions of 1810 and 1910 Considered
Mabille, Louise The (R)Age of Caliban: Nietzsche and Wilde in a Post-Structuralist Perspective
Lutz, David W. ,Ph.D (Holy Cross College (USA) and The Catholic University of Eastern Africa) with Paul M. Shimiyu, George Ndemo Osengo and Opiyo A Oguta WAR and PEACE in AFRICA: Philosophy, Theology and the Politics of Confrontation
Lumley, Sarah Sordid Boon? The Context of Sustainability in Historical and Contemporary Global Economics
Loza, Mauricio; Independent Researcher and Technology Writer The Hounds of Actaeon: The Magical Origins of Public Relations and Modern Media
Lowndes, Emma Turning Victorian Ladies Into Women: The Life of Bessie Rayner Parkes, 1829 – 1925
Lovatt, Stephen Plato and Platonic Wisdom: A Contemporary View of the Classical Canon
Lopez-Fernandez, Laura Form and Perception in Visual Poetry
Loomis, George W., Internationally Acclaimed Music Critic and Commentator Tommaso Traetta and the Fusion of Italian and French Opera in Parma
Lipski, Jakub and Jacek Mydla The Enchantress of Words, Sounds and Images: Anniversary Essays on Ann Radcliffe (1764–1823)
Lionel, (Fr)Joseph My Beloved: The Theological and Liturgical Understanding of The Christian Priesthood
Lin, Catherine Kai-Ping, Ph.D. Sports and Foreign Policy in Taiwan:Nationalism in International Politics
Liddelow , Eden From Big Brother to Big Brother: Nihilism and Society in the Age of Screen
Liakopoulou, Irini, Oklahoma State University Comparative Regulation, Economic Analysis, and Applications of Private Equity in the United States and European Union
Liakopoulos, Dimitris: Tufts University States and the Interpretation of Treaties (W. B. Sheridan Law Books)
Liakopoulos, Dimitris: Tufts University The Role of Customs in International Treaties (W. B. Sheridan Law Books)
Liakopoulos, Dimitris, Professor of International and European Union Law, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University Debtor Protection in American and European Union Bankruptcy Law: A Comparative Analysis of Automatic Stay
Li, Simin, University of Victoria (Canada) Discourses of Asian Societies: Cases from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Levi, Steven C. The Great Red Scare in World War One Alaska: Elite Panic, Government Hysteria, Suppression of Civil Liberties, Union-Breaking, and Germanophobia, 1915 – 1920
Levi, Steven C. The Committee of Vigilance: The Law and Order Committee of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Its War Against the Left, 1916 - 1919
Lee Bosher, FRGS Social and Institutional Elements of Disaster Vulnerability: The Case of South India
Lawless, James Clearing the Tangled Wood: Poetry as a Way of Seeing the World
Lavoie, The Reverend Jeffrey D. Racism and The Baptist Bible Fellowship: Segregation, Anti-Communism and Religious Fundamentalism in the American South 1950-1965
Lavoie, The Reverend Jeffrey D. Segregation and the Baptist Bible Fellowship: Integration, Anti-Communism and Religious Fundamentalism, 1950 – 1970
Lavoie, Reverend Jeffrey D. MA (Harvard) ESOTERICISM AND CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM IN THE LATE VICTORIAN ERA: The Life and Teachings of Reverend G. W. Allen (1859 – 1913) and the Historical Narrative of the Christo-Theosophical Society
Laura Cherrie Beaney Crossing the Catwalk: Transvestism in Contemporary Fashion and Culture (Paperback)
LaFreniere, Gilbert The Decline of Nature: Environmental History and the Western Worldview
Kurlantzick, Lewis; Editor and contributor The Law of American Basketball
Kurlantzick, Lewis, Zephaniah Swift Professor of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law Legal Issues in Professional Hockey: National and International Dimensions
Kurlantzick, Lewis, Editor and contributor Legal Issues in American Basketball
Kurjian, Douglas The Dictionary of Vital Expressions
Kuhrt, David, Author of Wittgenstein the Tartar The Trojan War Has Not Been Won: Twelve Essays on the Resolution of East-West Conflict and the Errors of Positive Knowledge in Ancient Greece
Krause, David Revisionary Views: Counter-Statements and Interventions About Irish Life and Literature
Koseman, Zennure From the Way to Wealth to the Gospel of Wealth: The Transformation of the Concept of Success in American Literature from Benjamin Franklin to Theodore Dreiser
Koenig, Bernard Art Matters: The Art of Knowledge/The Knowledge of Art
Knoll, Reinhold, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna; Kenneth Quandt, Ph.D. in Classics, University of California, Berkeley The Revelation of Art-Religion
Knaus, Christopher Race, Racism, and Multiraciality in American Education
Klitgard, Ida On The Horizon: A Poetics of the Sublime in Virginia Woolf's The Waves
Kieckhefer, Daniel Secrets of Cinema: 100 Movies That Are Not What They Seem
Khisamutdinov, Ph.D., Amir A., Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia) and V. Rev. Anatole Lyovin, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Hawai'i at Manoa A History of the Orthodox Church in Hawaii: Two Hundred Years on the Road
Khan, Ghulam Qadir, MA, FTC The Rise of Militancy in Waziristan: The Inside Story of Facing A Faceless Enemy 2001-2012
Kent, Neil, University of Cambridge; Irina du Quenoy, Georgetown University (Editors) New Technologies and National Security Challenges
Kent, Neil, University of Cambridge; Irina du Quenoy, Georgetown University (Editors) R)evolution: Security Challenges Past and Present
Kent, Neil, University of Cambridge ITALIA REDIVIVA: A SOCIAL AND CULTURAL HISTORY OF ITALY, 1740-1900 (Paperback)
Karolak, Magdalena The Social Media Wars: Sunni and Shi'a Identity Conflicts in the Age of Web 2.0 and the Arab Spring
Karimova, Gulnara, Ph.D Strategic Creativity in Marketing Communications
Karimova, Gulnara Z. Bakhtin and Interactivity: A Conceptual Investigation of Advertising Communication
Kaplan, Jay, Chairman, National Museum of the Jewish People Secrets and Suspense: International Law Stories (Paperback Edition) (W.B. Sheridan Law Books)
Kaplan, Jay (Julius) Secrets and Suspense: International Law Stories
Kalpakli, Fatma British Novelists and Indian Nationalism Contrasting Approaches in the Works of Mary Margaret Kaye, James Gordon Farrell and Zadie Smith
Johnston, Roy H W Century of Endeavour: A Biographical and Autobiographical Father-Son View of the 20th Century in Ireland
Johnson, Roscoe A., Ph.D., Professor of English, Lone Star College Understanding Dual Credit Education: Theory, Philosophy, and Psychology – The Community College Perspective
Johnson, Roscoe A., Ph.D., Professor of English, Lone Star College The Instructional Designers: A Guide for Dual Credit Teachers—Theory and Practice
Jessup, Frances Christopher Fry: A Dramatic Reassessment of the Fry/Eliot Era of British Verse Drama
Jeche, Valerie, Department of International Relations, University of Zimbabwe Prisoners of War or Unlawful Combatants?: Guantanamo Bay and International Law (St. James's Studies in World Affairs)
Janes, Regina Edmund Burke on Irish Affairs
Jan, Aneeda, University of Kashmir Honor Killings: Socio-Legal Dimensions (Saint James’ Studies in World Affairs)
Jaksich, P., Editor Prime Butterfly Areas in Serbia
Isert, P.E.: Translated and Edited by Selena Axelrod Winsnes Letters on West Africa and the Slave Trade: Paul Erdmann Isert’s Journey to Guinea and the Caribbean Islands in Columbia (1788)
Illing, Sean, Ph.D. Prophets of Nihilism: Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and Camus
Ignatus, Onianwa Oluchukwu, Ph.D. Once Upon a Time in Biafra: Memories, Foreign Visitations and Life Experiences in the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970
Ignatus, Onianwa Oluchukwu, Ph.D. Britain, the Royal Air Force and Relief Flights to Biafra, 1968-1969
I-Morphé, Randee O. Community and Self Definition in the Book of Acts: A Study of Early Christianity's Strategic Response to the World
Hutchinson, Martin The Great Conservatives: A Study of the Origins and Continuities of A British Political Tradition
Hunting, Penelope The Saint and the Disciple: John Henry, Cardinal Newman, The Reverend George Dudley Ryder and the Catholic Revival in Nineteenth Century England
Humphrey, Judith The English Girl Schools' Story: Subversive and Imaginative Constructs of a Traditional Conservative Literary Text
Huizar, Angelica J. Beyond the Page: Latin American Poetry from the Calligramme to the Virtual
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